Xi'an ShiYou University (XSU) was reconstructed In 1980, School of Petroleum Engineering enrolled the first undergraduate students in 1987. There are three subjects, Well Drilling Engineering,O&G Production Engineering and Petroleum Reservoir Engineering. Well Drilling Engineering is the requirement course of the above subjects. And the Well Drilling Engineering is about 120 periods in teaching plan, the contents of the course involve rock breaking mechanics, drilling tool, drilling technology, drilling fluids technology, casing & cementing technology and well completion engineering, etc. According to the school course plan and experts appraisement, the course of Well Drilling Engineering becomes the XSU’ second batch key course in April, 1994. During construction, according to the contract and key course construction assessment target system, aiming at the first rank course construction, focus on teaching faculty, teaching quality enhancing, teaching condition improving, laboratory exaltation and teaching management reform, etc. At the end of 1995, the course construction has passed the university’ appointed experts group evaluation with 98.1 point, become our university first rank course.
In 1995, According to the principle of foundation strengthening, subject knowledge widening and connecting with the worldwide petroleum engineering engineer training, Well Drilling Technology course becomes the Well Drilling Engineering, and the original 3 subjects Well Drilling, O&G Production Engineering and Petroleum Reservoir Engineering was combined into the new subjects – Petroleum Engineering. Well Drilling Engineering is one of the Petroleum Engineering subject’s 3 major course, requirement course of the subject. It occupied a very important position in the knowledge system of the subject. The course contents involve drilling engineering geologic condition, drilling tool, drilling fluids, drilling parameters optimizing, well profile design and track control, well pressure control, casing & cementation, and well completion, etc. there are 54 hr. class teaching and 8 hr. experiments. In Well Drilling Engineering course system, there are some selective courses : Drilling Fluids Technology, Rock Mechanics, Modern Well Drilling Technology, Hydrocarbon Reservoir Damage Prevention Technology, Drilling Engineering Course Project, etc.
Well Drilling Engineering is the course with engineering practicalness, drilling theories and technology develop very fast in recent years. Therefore, it needs to add the new drilling theories, new technology and new techniques in time. We used the Well Drilling Technology (2 Volumes) published by Petroleum Industry Press in 1978 as text books before 1987 , and we use the revised edition of Well Drilling Technology( 3 Volumes) as text books from 1988. We use the “orienting 21 century systematic textbook” Well Drilling Engineering Theory and Technology published by China Petroleum University as textbook. In our Well Drilling Engineering Course Project teaching, we use the Drilling Engineering Course Design Instruction as matched textbook.
In order to adapt the petroleum industry internationalization development and for oil-field requirement, we launched the PE international cooperation classes since 2002, have already more than 100 graduates in 2006 and 2007. At the same time, we undertook the Shaanxi higher education reform research item: The Study of Petroleum Engineering International Cooperation Versatile Talents Training Model . PE International Cooperation Classes’ Well Drilling Engineering class teaching adopted the bilingual teaching, except for Chinese textbook, also matched the USA university’ IADC English textbook Applied Drilling Engineering(Adam T. Bourgoyne etc),A Prime of Oilwell Drilling(5th Edition(Revised)),and The Rotary Rig and its Components(4th Edition).
To Match our speciality lessons teaching, students have 6 weeks practice in oilfield before class study, It is the requirement to demand the students to acquaint with basic drilling technology, drill equipment, downhole tolls, and preliminary to master the operation technical ability, and have the acquaintance of drilling.
In December, 2005, Well Drilling Engineering had been established as our university excellent course construction item, Through teachers hard work in two years, Well Drilling Engineering excellent course construction item has passed the university assessment in 2007, and it is the No. 1 among our university’ all 19 item.
(1) Strengthen teacher troops' construction
Faculty: old (1 person), middle (6 people) and young (3 people), arranged class teachers reasonably, stimulated middle and young teachers aggressive, pay attention to the young teacher's development, build up the teaching steps brigade and promise teachers troops stable, high quality and keep on a development.
(2) Revise teching Programme, etc. teaching document, perfect management systems
Strengthened course programming and reform in education, revise programme, experiments programme, teaching plan, etc. strengthen teaching process management, perfect various regulation systems, put every works in order.
(3) mated and perfected teaching material system
Select the Orienting 21 Centuries Textbook serials as our textbook, Well Drilling Engineering class teaching adopted the bilingual teaching, except for Chinese textbook, also matched the USA university’ IADC English textbook Applied Drilling Engineering(Adam T. Bourgoyne etc),A Prime of Oilwell Drilling(5th Edition(Revised)),and The Rotary Rig and its Components(4th Edition). And according to teaching practice, we have compiled our Well Drilling Engineering Manual(Electronic edition), and 6 language Well Drilling Engineering Dictionary(Electronic edition).
(4) Carefully selected and renewed our teaching contents
Our formerly used teaching material at first for undergraduate course of the well drilling engineering was 120 hr., contents is so much and not systematic, and parts of the contents is aging. Currently after the education reform, well drilling engineering has become the second rank subject belonging to petroleum engineering subject, cut to 60 hr. class teaching. The textbook is revised from the original one, strengthened comprehensiveness, ten chapters contents rearranged into 8 chapters. The chapter “jetting drilling” was merged in “drilling parameters optimization”, “well deviation and control”,“directional well drilling” was merged to “well profile design and track control", “casing & cementation” and “ well completion” are merged into one chapter, increased “drilling fluids” and “other drilling techniques” two chapters.
(5) Matched and perfected multi-media courseware and Auxiliary CAI software, carried out multi-media teaching completely
According to the latest teaching programme and the content of course request, composed multi-media teaching courseware, led into a great deal of picture and the animation in the courseware, stressed on the characteristics of the multi-media teaching. At the same time, collected and developed some CAI courseware to complications and elusive point course contents, made the content of course keep a view and easily understand through CAI, exaltation teaching effect; The teaching applied multi-media classroom and carried out multi-media teaching completely.
(6) Strengthen bilingual teaching
Trained teachers designedly (had 3 people as to visit scholar attend to abroad training), on the foundation of perfected bilingual teaching textbook system, opened the bilingual teaching method research of the well drilling engineering teching, normalizing teaching courses (blackboard writing in English , speciality terms in English explanation), enhanced classroom teaching effect.
(7) Improved and perfected the experiment teaching
Revised experiment programme, compiled experiment instruction material, renewed experiment equipments, and increased experiment sets; Strengthened the practice teaching courses construction, increased selective experiment, opening 100% requirement experiments currently, enriched contents of course teaching, with good experiment equipments maintenance, insured experiment teaching quality.
(8) established and perfected the drilling engineering test questions base
According to text book 8 chapters, set up test question database, question types include term interpretation, multiple-choice, judgment, simple answering, calculation. The related given standardized answers; preliminarily built the Well Drilling Engineering Question Database and software, it can deliver examination paper automatically.
(9) preliminarily completed the course teaching website building
Built up Well Drilling Engineering website, included five classes(describing of course, the teachers, multimedia teaching, experiment teaching, resources of teaching), 17 subclasses; sufficiently applied our university network teaching resources, uploading related teaching information on and attend to meet the needs that students want to download the resources through the net or learn by oneself through the net.
(10) Improved and perfected correlated teaching contents
Improved and perfected the teaching contents and methods of Modern Well Drilling Technology, Drilling Engineering Course Project, increased selective courses (Rock Mechanics, Drilling Tubular Mechanics, Well Completion Engineering, Drilling Fluids Technology), enhanced drilling practice teaching courses in production practice, then confirmed and improved the knowledge about drilling engineering.
(11) combined teaching with scientific research
Led drilling operation problems and the bottleneck problems of drilling engineering frontier technology into teaching, adopted elicitation teaching method, stired up the student's creative thinking and study interest.
(12) Improved research of teaching reform
Paid attention to the research of teaching method and reform in education, completed Shaanxi high education reformation item " the study of Petroleum Engineering international cooperation versatile talents training model research" , published 4 papers about education reform.
Innovation points
(1) Matched textbooks system and course system;
(2) Compiled our CAI software and electronic dictionary.
(3) Established the PE international cooperation class pattern, strengthened bilingual teaching.
(4) Developed multitudinous multimedia courseware with Animation.

     为适应石油工业的国际化发展的趋势,应油田委托培养要求,从2002年起,开始开办石油工程国际合作班,目前已毕业多届学生(第一届毕业生已有1/3被派往海外工作。与此同时,2006年承担了陕西高等教育教学改革研究项目“石油工程国际合作复合型人才培养模式研究”。石油工程国际合作班《钻井工程》课采用双语教学,除采用中文教材外,还配套了原版英文教材:《Applied Drilling Engineering》Adam T. Bourgoyne etc.,《A Prime of Oilwell Drilling》 5th Edition(Revised),《The Rotary Rig and its Components》4th Edition。
针对所建立的钻井工程课程体系,配套和完善了教材体系;钻井工程选用了面向21世纪课程教材,针对石油工程国际合作班双语教学的要求,配套了外语原版教材(《Applied Drilling Engineering》、《The Rotary Rig and Its Components》、《A Primer of Oil Well Drilling》)和教学参考书;自编了《油气层保护技术》、《钻井液工艺原理》(双语教材);目前,在石油工业出版社立项,作为教材主编之一,联合4个石油院校正在编写新的《钻井工程》、《完井工程》教材,本年内出版。
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